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Reach Your Career Goals: A Four Phase Program

New Developer

Start here if you've never coded before.
Learn the fundamentals of professional coding in the Start Now Program. In this initial phase of the program, you'll become a coder as you learn about the major facets of software development.

Master Web Development

Earn recognized certifications.
You'll be recognized as a knowledgeable professional upon earning the title Certified Web Development Professional. You'll master HTML5, Javascript and PHP along the way.

Create Mobile Apps

Move your skills to mobile.
Employers expect new developers to be comfortable and familiar with mobile. In this phase of the program you'll learn to develop mobile apps that can be deployed to iPhones, iPads, Android devices and more.

Job Readiness

Build a portfolio that will get you hired.
Projects and Portfolio are often missing links in developer education. In this segment of the program you build your skills through projects that are similar to the types of projects junior developers take on in the industry.

You Will Learn

HTML CSS Javascript Service Oriented Architecture jQuery PhoneGap Java Android NodeJS Angular

Meet a Few of Our Students

Chris Capasso, New York City

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on online courses and ebooks but I have not gained the working knowledge I have gained from LearnToProgram in the wasted hours elsewhere. The teaching style is brilliant and the explanations for WHY the code is written makes learning a pleasure. I now do some study nightly and it no longer feels like a chore but something valuable for my career that I enjoy.

I am a Junior Front End Developer working and living in NYC. My projects are mainly .NET CMS applications. I use SCSS, Foundation, Bootstrap, and jQuery as my mainstay but my passion is hand coding responsive CSS.

Tammy Cline, Ohio

My husband and I work at the same job, we travel alot for our job. We have been traveling for over 8 yrs together, and we are looking for a way to get off the road, so we decided to look into Web Design since we both love computers.

Styrmir B. Kristjansson, Iceland

I am a Designer working at in Iceland and have been doing print design for 20 years.

I want to extend my knowledge in to the digital world and have been doing WordPress sites for some time and wanted to use this course to get the fundamentals down.

Justin Christensen, New York

Currently, I am a high school mathematics teacher in the Ossining Central School District, in Westchester, New York. I have a bachelors in mathematics, a masters in middle school education, and plan to further my education in the field of computer science.

As a NYS High School Mathematics Teacher, I can honestly say Mark was right in saying that he is a teacher first. It is very evident that these videos are thought out lessons that aim to teach and not just tell.

Andres Vincente

My goal is to become a web page developer, a programmer; I like to program, and I hope some day I will work as a web page programmer and developer. Furthermore, I like to discover new experience that is the main reason that I am taking html specialist because it is part of my goal to discover new experience.

Jenn Stoutt, Houston

I’m kind of a Jill of all Trades but I’ve spent the past few years focusing on graphic and visual design. I enjoy learning new things and currently, I’m learning to code so I can continue expanding upon my knowledge and skills in new and interesting ways. I'm a transplanted Texan, a huge Star Wars fan, and I love to watch movies with my son and granddaughter.